Testimonials from our Customers

“I share my experience with people about Power Down Debt, as the PDD plan not only can manage most any of one’s debt situation, but more importantly to us, being in the PDD plan has improved our overall quality of life, peace of mind and helping us make future financial decisions.
It’s a good feeling when you know you have someone like Fran who will help guide you throughout the life of your PDD plan.” – S & S Rogers

“We have seen progress, quickly, and the next few months will show even more! (However, Craig just expanded to the Palmer area, and bought more equipment!!)” – Joni S.

“What really sold me was the lifetime support. It’s worth the fee just for all the future counseling! ” – Sandra D
“It’s the mortgage payment that is 'sucking' my will to live.” I’m not the guy who qualifies for the delinquent programs and I’m not the guy who the big investment people handle.” – Michael R.

“If we can just get out of this mire once and for all we could start enjoying life! I feel really smart for doing this.” – Maria M.

“I’m not embarrassed at all about this. I’m really excited!” – James M.

“This is like putting money in your 401k? Because it’s automatic, you never even notice it.” – Cara A.

“There’s no emotions in software” – Dawn M.

“I knew there was a better way, but just living and working doesn’t allow you the time to do it.” – Shane R.

“My parents were terrible with money. I have 7 brothers who were terrible with money. I was at least able to manage my bills with a budget, but I need to teach my kids better. I don’t ever want my kids to be where I am today.”
– Lynette O. R.

“I know in order to change what I’m doing, I’m going to have to take on more debt, and that’s why I called. Because I know my expenditures are going to get more complicated. I’d rather read about medicine so I can take care of somebody instead of spending my time reading those credit card statements. I pay someone else to handle my investments, but I kept feeling like something was missing. This means I’d have a plan to have the kind of lifestyle I want, and not be in debt forever.” – Steven L.

“The margin you build is almost like overdraft protection. The more debt you have the faster you get out, because you’re putting more money into the engine. I don’t feel like my debt was overwhelming, I just feel like I was scratching at a boulder.” – Garrett P.

“I have to do something different. I’ve been operating this way for years, and I feel like I make too much money to be living paycheck to paycheck. There’s gotta be a better way.” – Christina Z.

“Upon Dr. Rahaim’s encouragement, I submitted a hardship letter to my mortgage company for a possible modification to my current loan payment. At the time I was going through a difficult time in my life financially and emotionally and really needed some avenue I could take that would allow me to relieve some of my monthly financial burden. With Dr. Rahaim’s guidance and words of wisdom I was able to submit a hardship letter that really encompassed my financial situation. The turn-around time for the modification review was up to 6 weeks. During this time I was having difficulty even making my monthly payments on time and had to make arrangements for 'promise to pay' on numerous occasions. The first submission to my mortgage company was denied due to the fact that none of my payments were behind – just late and did not qualify me for an modification. Not to be discouraged I confronted them another time and submitted another letter of hardship to them. I was never so happy when I received a call from my mortgage company that they had reviewed my file and letter and felt that I was eligible for a modification and proposed that my payments be cut in ½ for 4 months. This was fabulous news and a huge relief for me mentally and emotionally. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for Dr. Rahaim and her knowledge and persistence to assisting others in need. Without her assistance I would not be where I am today and that’s on the road to financial freedom.”
– Tiffany C.

Better Business Bureau Accredited

PowerDownDebt, Inc., is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau since August 2009.

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