The Money Doctor Radio Shows "The Money Doctor" TV Show is an upbeat, and positive, feel-good show not just about debt, but about local business people and individuals who have something to offer by way of their personal stories, and who are generous enough to share that on the air. While we do discuss debt and finances, the topics are almost secondary to the story lines, and are broached as they are involved as an integral part of all of our lives.
Produced by Chris Collins Hosted by Frances Rahaim, Ph.D. Watch The Money Doctor TV Shows here  

The Top Money Doctor Radio Shows

"The Money Doctor" Radio segments are played daily on multiple stations. The idea is to take simple yet often overlooked financial topics and bring them to light. You can expect to hear money-saving tips, news about the latest scams, budgeting suggestions, higher education-related financial information and insightful comments about our humanly unique relationship with money!
Catch the Money Doctor radio show:
BEAR Country 95.3, AM 1240/1400/FM - Live every Wednesday morning at 8:50 with Kevin Collins or Jeff Tirrell
WHAI 98.3FM WHAI The Valley's Best Variety - Monday mornings on The Morning Show with Nick Danjer.
WHMP 96.9 News, Information & The Art - variable schedule
WRSI The River FM 93.9, Radio Time The Valley's Hit Music Station - variable schedule
WMCB 107.9 Greenfield Community Radio - variable schedule
Other Saga Communication stations where you may find the Money Doctor:
WZBK 1220 AM, Keene, NH  WKNE 103.7, Keene, NH WRSY 101.5 FM, Marlboro, VT WHMQ 1240 AM, Greenfield, MA
WFEA 1370 AM, Manchester, NH
Recession News Feature on the WHMP Radio with Frances Rahaim, Ph.D.

Follow up articles about the Texas man arrested in 2016:
US Marshals arrest for $1500
NY Times "may not be what it seems"
CNN Money - I knew something had to be off, but still crazy!

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 green arrow  HELOC Do's and Don'ts
 green arrow  Fake It Till You Make It
 green arrow  Good Debt Bad Debt Feelings
 green arrow  Low risk Competitive return Retirement Accounts
 green arrow  Before You Cosign
 green arrow  Employer Student Loan Benefits
 green arrow  Public Service Loan Forgiveness
 green arrow  Warranty and Lease Mileage
 green arrow  Online Safety at School
 green arrow  Batch Cooking
 green arrow  Whack a Debt
 green arrow  FTC Alleges Lending Club Unfair Practices
 green arrow  The Money Dr. Has Real Life Issues Too
 green arrow  Saving Your Family Finances
 green arrow  1000 dollar reward from Credit Card
 green arrow  Money Monster
 green arrow  Internet Safety
 green arrow  Private Mortgage Insurance Savings
 green arrow  Debt - It's Not ALL Your Fault
 green arrow  MLK Day at GCC
 green arrow  Run Your Own Race
 green arrow  Fear of Finances
 green arrow  Community College Choice
 green arrow  Poor or No Credit Boost
 green arrow  Facebook Gift Scam
 green arrow  Over-improving Your Home
 green arrow  Credit Card Benefits Surprise
 green arrow  Fair Credit Rules of 1978 Still Help Today
 green arrow  Robo Calls WHAI
 green arrow  Lending Club
 green arrow  5 Dollar trial 92 Million Dollar scam
 green arrow  Digital Spring Cleaning
 green arrow  DRIPs
 green arrow  Forbes email lease list
 green arrow  Monkey Marketplace
 green arrow  Know IF You Owe


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