Frequently asked Questions

Question : What is Included in my free analysis?
Answer : You'll receive a CUSTOMIZED DEBT ANALYSIS report showing you exactly how soon you'll be out of debt given your specific financial situation. It will even show you how much wealth you can build if you invest your savings.

Question : Is My Information Secure?
Answer : We guarantee your data is secure. You have our word that your personal information will not be shared outside our company without your personal consent. Any information you provide will be used to begin creating your customized plan. In order to create the most efficient plan for you however, we may need to ask some additional questions. Your personal debt-management specialist will then create your customized PowerDownDebt plan, and present it to you for your review, usually within 2 business days.

Question : When Will I be contacted?
Answer : Once we receive your initial information, one of our Personal debt-management specialists will contact you (usually within 2 business days) to obtain any additional information required in order to create your plan. Due to the high volume of free analysis requests, if you would like to receive your report faster, just call us at 413-774-5555.

Question : Can't I Do This On My Own?
Answer : It is possible however, most people lack the time necessary, and the discipline it requires to apply the strategy consistently month after month over a prolonged period of time. The use of a third party administrator stacks the odds of success in your favor. PowerDownDebt, Inc makes it easy by managing and automating the process for you. We focus on your debt, while you focus on prosperity!

Question : Can I really be completely debt-free, including my mortgage, in 8 years or less?
Answer : Yes. Most of our clients become debt-free much sooner that they ever thought possible. Of course each case is unique, and income, personal credit, and amount of debt will all play a part in your plan. Most people find the free analysis to be truly astonishing, and are enthusiastic about beginning their plan as soon as possible.

Question : How Do I Get Started?
Answer : It's easy. We are so confident in our service, we give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. To get your free confidential debt analysis, either complete the debt snapshot sheet, or call us at 413-774-5555. You'll receive a complete customized analysis, illustrating exactly how soon you'll be out of debt given your specific financial situation. It will even show you how much wealth you can build when you invest your savings.
Question : Will I have to refinance my mortgage?
Answer : No, you are not required to refinance. Our analysis will determine if a refinance is in your best interest, then you can make your decision. We are not mortgage brokers. We do not “buy” your debt, nor are we a consolidation company.
Question : Will this program hurt my credit?
Answer : No. This is NOT a hardship program like Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement. In rare cases where it becomes necessary to negotiate with your creditors, we are careful to select terms that will not harm your credit. Payments are made on time, and consistently, actually improving your credit. All creditors receive at least the minimum payment due, and are paid in full. As a result of the plan, your debt-to-income ratio will also improve which can greatly improve your credit score.

Question : How do you achieve such amazing results?
Answer : First, we analyze your specific situation, create a strategy, and then automate the plan. Using the same funds you are currently sending to your creditors, we organize and accelerate your payments to your best advantage. Then, we create a margin which is used to strategically and systematically pay down your debts, thus achieving the amazing results. It is a combination of strategy with consistent application that makes this plan work like no other.

Question : How much does this service cost?
Answer : You may be surprised to learn that our fee is not only very reasonable, but now it may be rolled entirely into the plan. This makes PowerDownDebt, Inc. affordable to virtually everyone who wishes to become a client, and with no out-of-pocket expense. We offer a FREE CUSTOMIZED DEBT ANALYSIS, and an in-depth appointment with a personal debt-management specialist. We answer all your questions in detail at no cost, so you may make an informed decision.

Question : How will my creditors view this service?
Answer : They won't. Our service is essentially transparent to them. Every creditor will always receive at least the minimum payment due, and will be paid in full. This is not a hardship program or debt-settlement, and will not appear on your credit report as such. Just as you would with any third party bill pay company, you continue to receive all your bills, and payments are sent in your name automatically, and according to your directions.

Question : How flexible is this plan?
Answer : You are always in complete control of your plan. You can always increase or decrease the draft amount. Just call us, and we'll tell you how it will affect your plan. We are committed to helping you until you are entirely debt-free. Make as many changes to your plan as you need without additional service fees.

Question : What if I get a new car or want to make other changes to my debts?
Answer : This does NOT freeze your accounts, or prevent you from obtaining additional credit. Whenever your circumstances change, just call us with the new information, and we'll update your debt plan accordingly. We can even help you see the impact of any decisions regarding debt before you make your decision.