About PowerDownDebt, Inc.

PowerDownDebt, Inc., is a local debt-management company that helps clients pay down their debts quickly and responsibly without harming their credit or burdening them with increased monthly payments. PowerDownDebt, Inc., establishes an automatic, mathematically calculated and customized pay-down system for clients, so they can forget their debt and focus on enjoying life with financial security and prosperity.

PowerDownDebt, Inc. was founded in 2007 by financial expert Frances Rahaim, Ph.D., as a solution for people who want to pay down their debts quickly while avoiding hardship plans, such as bankruptcy, legal settlement or debt negotiation. Such hardship plans often require borrowers to first become delinquent on their debt accounts, resulting in substantial harm to their credit.

Dr. Rahaim knew there had to be a better way for people in debt. When researching methods for paying down debt quickly, Rahaim found an abundance of information about these hardship plans, but a dearth of helpful information for folks who just wanted to pay down their debts responsibly, without taking a lifetime to do so, and without sacrificing their credit rating or their lifestyles.

Rahaim founded PowerDownDebt, Inc., as a solution for those people, to fill the void between debt insolvency and the long, slow process of traditional pay-down methods. With the PowerDownDebt, Inc., debt-elimination program, her clients are discovering that there is a way to pay off all their debts, including mortgages, in 5 to 8 years on average, without harming credit and without increasing monthly payments. Find out how soon you could be debt-free. Get started now

About Frances Rahaim, Ph.D.Doctor Frances Rahaim The Money Doctor

Frances Rahaim has always loved talking finance—advising people about investing wisely, building savings, smart budgeting, managing debt, long-term security, protecting nest eggs…But, as she would say, there’s so much more to life than money. Growing up in Ware, Mass., the youngest of five children, Frances witnessed the good example her parents set, of helping others. Finances were tight at times as her father frequently changed jobs, but they gave what they could. Meanwhile, Frances learned important lessons about living within limited means and stretching budgets when income is sporadic—lessons she is now able to pass on to others.

After graduating from high school a year ahead of schedule, Frances put her business acumen to work as a real estate broker, then an insurance agent with John Hancock, in the company’s Longmeadow, Mass., office, for five years before setting out on her own as an independent broker and registered investment advisor. While working, she earned her undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in finance, insurance and risk management from La Salle University.

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Our Mission

Using its proprietary, time-tested debt-management program, PowerDownDebt, Inc., is committed to helping as many individuals, families and business owners as possible to eliminate their debt, including mortgage, in a positive, responsible manner, without harming their credit or increasing monthly payments, so that they may enjoy a life free of debt and filled with financial security and peace of mind.

With its lifetime membership, PowerDownDebt, Inc., is also committed to keeping its clients debt-free, and assisting them with any future debt and other financial guidance.