Employee, Military and Group Plans Available

Smart business people know: a stress-free, happy employee is a loyal, more productive employee. The same applies for the men and women serving in the United States military—the lower the stress, the higher the quality of production, focus and effectiveness.
And what is the leading cause of stress in America? One word: DEBT.
Numerous studies have shown that difficulty with money management is the leading cause of stress worldwide.
To help employers reduce their employees’ stress, boost their mental health and enhance their productivity, PowerDownDebt, Inc., offers a discount on the program fee as a workplace and military benefit.
This benefit may be offered at no cost to the employer, and with no minimum enrollment requirements.
Employees or military personnel who wish to enroll through their workplace will receive an automatic discount, saving hundreds of dollars, and may opt for payroll deduction.

Best of all: PowerDownDebt guarantees results.
That’s right. With our unique Money Back Guarantee , your employees are absolutely certain to save thousands of dollars, or their money back. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
EMPLOYERS: The best way to foster loyalty, appreciation and optimal production among your employees is to help them keep their debt—and their stress—low. That’s where PowerDownDebt, Inc., can help.
Contact PowerDownDebt, Inc., today for a free workplace presentation on a range of financial topics, packed with information everyone can use.
There’s no obligation—the valuable information and materials from the presentations are yours to keep, even if employees do not sign up.

Got a Group? Get a Discount
Other groups are eligible for PowerDownDebt discounts, too.
Do you belong to a club, an association or other type of organization?
If so, contact PowerDownDebt, Inc., about group discounts.
With the PowerDownDebt, Inc., group or military discount, the affordable fee to join the program is managed through payroll deduction or automatic draft.
With automatic payments spread over a defined period of time, clients can forget about the minimal fee—less than most people pay for coffee in a week!—and focus instead on becoming debt-free.
As a bonus, clients receive a lifetime of debt management, even on future debt, with no further payment obligation.
At PowerDownDebt, Inc., we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get out of debt.
It’s our mission to get as many Americans as possible out of debt for good.


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  • how quickly you will be debt free
  • how much money you will save with our plan
  • what your effective interest will be.
Be assured: this form does not require any personal information—no account numbers, no Social Security Numbers, no sensitive data.

Better Business Bureau Accredited

PowerDownDebt, Inc., is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau since August 2009.

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